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Did a twitter lecture today on white terrorism in response to Rodgers and I don’t want to retype it on here so here y’all go

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UN. Bothered!

The very moment we were so done with America.

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Some people come into your life and become apart of your being.. you grow up under their wing. They teach you more than your parents could about a little bit of everything. They love you and you love them back. They hurt you and you hurt them back. You go to war with God over them. You justify all their flaws and accept everything about them, good and bad. You eventually slip and see them for what they are. You see what they’ve been doing, and that pedestal you placed them on comes crashing down. You stop talking, grow distant, even abruptly cut each other off. But no matter what you do that person lives in you. They made an impact so great in your life you’ll never forget them. You learned so much I mean you can’t undo everything, or even anything at all. So as the days go by you’ll think of them less and less.. but no matter what you’ll always subconsciously miss that person. They will always run through your mind. You’ll always be reminded of them, because for the rest of your life they live in you. Their presence can’t and will never be erased. Now it’s just when they cross your mind do you smile because you forgave them, or cry because you’re still hurting..

"Mr. Garvey’s Pan-Africanism, Elijah Muhammad’s Black religious nationalism, the black socialism of the Black Panther Party—ideologically they were different but they did one thing: provided for food, clothing, shelter, jobs, education, [and] medical care. Every one of those institutions attempted to build some sort of an independent functioning community with services. ….why does the church continue to control black people when all they do is sell Jesus and collect money? Why? Because the church does have some services. It ain’t sufficient but they have more than the conscious organisations. The problem with the concious organisations is all we do is run our damn mouth but nobody is building…we got a million and one books at the book store we got a book for every problem but the problems are still here. See, we have been content with the information, but the information is not enough. It is information plus action."

- Umar Johnson, Hidden Colors  (via vardoeger)

"Ending slavery was not the reason the Civil War was fought at all. The Civil War was fought to bring the South back into unison with the North and to destroy the economical advantage that the South had due to slavery. They cared nothing about the lives of black people. They cared nothing about the way we were treated. They cared nothing about African life….it was not about waking up and realising that we were human beings too. It was that the South had gotten too powerful."

- Umar Johnson, Hidden Colors (via vardoeger)